Summer 2012

The Iron N with the intent of being an overarching committee that represents all students in any student section is established under the advisorship of the department of Student Affairs and the Athletic Department.

Fall 2012

Successfully pulls off black towels for the Wisconsin vs. Nebraska Homecoming football game that created a powerful dynamic lead by the students.

Winter 2013

Establishes a complete executive board structure and expands from football to Olympic sports. Increased student attendance at gymnastics meets and other events.

Spring 2013

Held our first sand Volleyball tournament with the Husker Volleyball team and Coach Cook.

Summer 2013

Hosted the B1G Sportsmanship conference in Lincoln and shared ideas and experiences with our colleagues from throughout the B1G.

Fall 2013

Expanded sports director positions, relationships with athletic department staff, facilitated UCLA honors and blackout campaign, and grew resonance on campus.

Spring 2014

Continued growth and expansion throughout Husker student sections.