B1G Sportsmanship Agreement

We, as students of the Big Ten , strive to create a respectful and enjoyable environment for all fans, student-athletes, coaches, staff, and officials while maintaining a competitive spirit and exhibiting positive sportsmanship. We are Bold. We are 1. We are Great. We are the Big Ten.

B : Bold

We are loud, we are proud.
We come early, we stay late.
Home or away, we create an environment that promotes healthy and respectful competition.

1 : One

One conference, one goal.
No matter what colors we wear, we respect the game and each other.
The student-athletes we support are also our friends in the classroom.

G : Great

We lead, we excel.
We understand and appreciate the history, traditions, and culture of all universities. We are constant representatives of our institution and our Conference.

The B1G Code of the Student Section

As students of the Big Ten, we represent our university and conference at every event. In order to be Bold, One, and Great, we set the example by...
1. Treating our university and opponents with the utmost respect both on and off the field of play.
2. Promoting a welcoming environment by avoiding any hostility toward our opponents and their fans.
3. Arriving at all sporting events early and continuing to support our team until the event concludes.
4. Remaining passionate throughout the course of the event with positive cheering and without degrading our opponents.
5. Avoiding the use of vulgarity and profanity at all athletic events.
6. Encouraging healthy competition and rivalry by eliminating physical and/or verbal harassment toward any fan, student-athlete, coach, or official.
7. Respecting all facilities and every person who contributes to the production of events, refraining from throwing or leaving any objects in the stands or on the field of play.
8. Attending as many sporting events as possible at our universities.
9. Choosing to be responsible and drinking in moderation if consuming alcohol during game-day activities.
10. Creating the loudest and most exciting atmosphere possible while maintaining full support for our university.